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  1. Here’s an LS1 Nissan S13 Burnout

    26 Aug 2016

    This Japanese coupe has some ‘MURICA under the hood, and it’s here to melt tires. Happy Friday!

  2. Nothing Beats A Classic Like A Classic: 1969 Porsche 911T

    25 Aug 2016

    Driving old cars can be a mixed bag. On one hand, they tend to be nice to look at and fun to see how “things used to be.” On the other hand, they tend to be mechanically temperamental and lacking relative to what we may be accustomed to in terms…

  3. How To Make A McLaren 12C Sound Better Than A Ferrari 458

    25 Aug 2016

    The McLaren 12C is a fantastic car, there’s no disputing this fact. It was born from years of street and race proven technology and received by the automotive community with open arms. But there was something missing. The performance within was heralded as a real milestone for the “super sports…

  4. When The Question Is German V8 Sports Cars - Torque Is The Answer

    25 Aug 2016

    The formula is correct with this bawdy German duo. A well balanced chassis, drive to the rear wheels, and most importantly a potent V8 motor up front. Only thing missing was a sinuous stretch of tarmac, which we just so happened to find. When these cars were new I ate…

  5. 1991 Acura NSX - A Gift From The Motoring Gods

    25 Aug 2016

    Words simply can not do this car justice. In the realm of exalted sports cars, inhabited by the likes of the E30 M3 and Mazda Miata, The NSX has a distinctly different flavor. The aforementioned sports cars are known now as “the best” for a combination of reasons that center…

  6. What It’s Like To Drive A Porsche Boxster

    25 Aug 2016

    This is not a car that people usually aspire to, or that is pined after. Stereotypes abound; this car is known best as either the Porsche you buy when you can’t afford a 911 or a hairdresser’s car. But that’s all nonsense and here’s why. Porsche is primarily known for…

  7. What It’s Like To Drive A 700+HP Audi R8

    25 Aug 2016

    Spring has arrived! What better way to celebrate than with a blown 6-speed drop-top V10 on an empty twisty country road. This car is properly insane with a twin turbo setup from AMS making what I’ve been told is north of 700-hp at the wheels. It’s kind of deceptive since the power is delivered…

  8. A 30 Year Old Mercedes Wagon With Snow Tires Is Better Than Other Stuff

    25 Aug 2016

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Wagons are the tits. Especially when they go sideways. When I was presented with the opportunity to shoot some photos of afellow Jalop’s beauty of a Benz wagon last night, I did an excited jig while grabbing my camera. This morning, it snowed. This afternoon, we hooned. …

  9. Recreational Drone Flying At Its Best

    25 Aug 2016

    Just flying around, minding my business, and this dude comes out of no where and starts sliding all over the place. #notbad Keep up with JBH on instagram / twitter

  10. 2014 JBH Year In Combustion

    25 Aug 2016

    Instead of writing about my year, I figured I’d just put together a bunch of loud revving clips. Enjoy! And be sure to check out my youtube channel HERE. Follow @JBH1126 on tweetoir/instagrampch

  11. BMW M Laptimer Records Telemetry Everywhere You Go And It’s Amazing

    25 Aug 2016

    Did you ever wonder what percentage of the throttle you are using on the way to get a sandwich? Were you ever curious how many Gs you pulled on the way home from clarinet lessons? Do you have a BMW? You might just be in luck. BMW says these fancy…

  12. Ferrari F40: Gearhead Posterchild

    25 Aug 2016

    Sat down at my desk this morning and saw a Facebook post indicating that there was a Ferrari F40 parked a little over a block away at Classic Car Club Manhattan. I put my scarf back on so quick I almost got scarf burn. As far as dream cars go, every…

  13. To The Pilot Doing Aerobatics Over My House: Bring Me With You

    25 Aug 2016

    On weekends when I’m not racing karts or flying drones or generally messing about with cars, I like to sit next to a lake and read a book. It’s one of the few things I like to do that doesn’t involve some sort of motor vehicle, until now. A few weekends ago my…

  14. Mulholland Night Drive

    25 Aug 2016

    Here is a quick spin down/up/around a portion of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, the car is a 2013 Audi 2.0T rented from Silver Car. 

  15. BMW 328 Roadster: Stunning Sheetmetal

    25 Aug 2016

    Yesterday I saw one of my absolute dream cars in person for the first time. I had a hard time putting sentences together…

  16. Watch Some Guy Take The Doors & Hood Off A Brand New Mercedes CLA

    25 Aug 2016

    Looks a bit like a chop shop right? Good. Last week our garage at Classic Car Club Manhattan was transformed into a Hollywood movie set, which was supposed to look like a chop shop. I arrived in the morning to see the CLA and was pretty excited to have an opportunity to…

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